BACK TO SCHOOL 2020-2021 Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the difference between isolation and quarantine? 

Isolation and quarantine are public health practices used to protect the public by preventing exposure to people who have or may have a contagious disease. Isolation separates sick people with a contagious disease from people who are not sick. Quarantine separates and restricts the movement of people who were exposed to a contagious disease to see if they become sick. Isolation begins on the first day of symptoms or on the day of testing if no symptoms are present and continue for 10 days. Quarantine begins on the last day of exposure to a Covid-19 positive person and continues for 14 days. 


If my student was exposed and needs to quarantine, do they need to be tested? 

No, testing is not needed if your student is not displaying any symptoms.  If your student starts to display symptoms, contact your physician for further guidance. 


If one of my children has to quarantine, do their siblings automatically need to quarantine as well? 

No, quarantine is required when a child (or person) is exposed to COVID-19 positive person.


What if a sibling or someone who lives in my household is being tested or tests positive for COVID-19, can my other children return to school? 

Out of an abundance of caution and keeping our building safe, if someone in your household is being tested for COVID-19, please keep your children at home until test results are received. If negative, your children can return to school if not displaying symptoms. If positive, please follow the guidance of your physician or local health department for quarantine guidelines due to close exposure. Please communicate result information to the school office and provide physician documentation as able. Your students can still be virtually present for schooling during this process. Call us and we will help you figure out the best course of action for individual situations. 


Does my child have to quarantine after traveling to a state on the travel advisory list?

Yes, if the stay is overnight a student will need to quarantine for 14 days after the last day that they were in the state. Parents should communicate travel plans with the school principal as normal for educational needs during vacation.

What do I do if my child wakes up with COVID-19 symptoms? Can I send them to school? 

No. All parents/guardians (as well as school employees) should take a health assessment on their child checking for symptoms each morning before school. If the child is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, they should stay home and contact their physician for further guidance. If the physician diagnoses something other than COVID-19, the child can return to school after symptoms have improved and no fever without using fever-reducing medication for 24 hours. 


If my child is being tested or tests positive, what do I need to do?

If your child is being tested, please communicate the testing date, symptoms, and symptom onset with the school. When the test results are received, please let the school know immediately. 


If my child is out sick for an illness other than COVID-19, is a physician’s note required for them to return to school? 

No, as long as there is certainty that the illness is not COVID-19 related and there is no known COVID-19 exposure. The student may return to school per district guidelines. This includes being fever-free without using fever-reducing medications for 24 hours. 


If my child is exposed to someone with COVID-19 outside of school and has to quarantine while their class continues on as normal, are they able to attend class virtually? 

Yes, if your child is in isolation or quarantine, your child can continue to engage with their teachers and courses virtually. In grades 7-12, students on quarantine will be considered “virtually present” and should keep up with their classes (as long as they are feeling well enough to do so). Teachers will be made aware of the change of attachment to their classes. Elementary students will be able to continue working while home as they are able.  Activities that can not be done virtually will be made up upon return. Communicate with the classroom teacher in this situation. 


For planning purposes, can parents/guardians reasonably assume that if one child in their class tests positive for COVID-19, the entire class will have to quarantine? 

Not necessarily. Based on our guidance from the Wood County Health Department and our protocols within our classrooms we are working to make quarantine needs as minimal as possible. The determination of close contacts will look different in Kindergarten than they will with a Senior English classroom. We will rely on the Wood County Health Department to assist in making these determinations if/when needed.


Is my child required to wear a mask? 

Yes. Based on current Ohio health orders all students in grades K-12 and all staff members are

required to wear masks. Details are outlined in the School reopening plan and the Governor’s

health order.

Will my child be allowed a mask break throughout the day? 

Yes. Mask breaks are allowed as deemed appropriate by staff when adequate social distancing can be maintained.


Will my child be sharing materials with others? 

Safety measures are in place throughout the school with increased cleaning and limiting the use of shared items. If sharing items cannot be avoided, cleaning between use is performed. 


Who should I contact if I still have questions? 

NOVA-- Mrs. Warring 

Enrollment-- Mrs. Smith

Transportation-- Mr. Hornstein

Student schedules-- 7th&8th Mrs. Huntley 

        9th-12th Mrs. Reid

Technology-- Mr. Lindquist

NES Principal-- Mrs. Krontz

NHS Principal-- Mr. Johnson

Health questions-- Nurse Shehorn

Breakfast/Lunch questions-- Mrs. Bires