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Staying connected

Staying connected to PowerSchool will provide information on your student's grades, fees and more all on your phone or home computer.  Access to Schoology will give you insight into what's going on in your student's classes by providing grades and current assignments.  The connection information is below.  Please contact the office for your specific account information or to create an account.  There is no cost to be connected to either service.

PowerSchool Icon

PowerSchool Icon


On your phone or tablet, download the PowerSchool app.  Tap the app.  You'll be asked to configure the app for our school and log in.  Instead of the district code, tap "Where's my district code?" and select "Enter server address".  Type in the box that follows and tap "continue" at the top.  Answer NO to the located in Canada question.  Now enter your username and password. 

On your PC, visit: and enter your username and password.

Note: If you have a brand new account, you will need to reset your initial password.  It will be MUCH easier to start on the PC to do this.



Schoology Icon

Schoology Icon


On your phone, download the Schoology app.  Choose sign in with my account, and enter your username and password.

On your PC, visit: Enter your username (email) and password.