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Northwood Local School Wellness

Northwood Local School provides and environment that offers and promotes healthy meals, snack and beverage choice. Schools, families and community business partners cooperate to create this healthier and more nutritional environment.

All Schools within the District are committed to offering School Meals through the NSLP and SBP programs, and other applicable Federal Child Nutrition Programs, that are accessible to:

  • All Students
  • We make it Appealing and Attractive to the Children
  • We served in a clean and pleasant setting
  • That it will meet or exceed current Nutrition requirements established by local, state, and federal statutes and regulations. ( Northwood Schools offer reimbursable school meals that meet the USDA nutrition standards)
  • We promote healthy food and beverages using the following Smarter Lunch room techniques such as :
    • Our whole fruit is displayed in baskets or decorated bowls
    • We have sliced or cut fruit available daily with choices
    • We displayed our fruit on the line were it is able to be viewed and accessible for our Customers
    • All of our staff members are encouraged to prompt student to take their fruit and vegetables daily
    • Our Milk is displayed and we have three choices for our students to choose from, with white milk being the first choice
    • We offer alternative entrée options such as: Salad, Go Gurt etc. we have these choices displayed on our Menu Board and as well on our Menu & Website
    • The choices we offer are available as a reimbursable meal
    • We try to offer a sampling of a new product from our vendors to offer different choices that we can have on our menu as another choice
    • Daily announcements are used to promote and market our menu as well as our Website, and twitter
    • We do offer breakfast and to promote this it is done thru our school website and menu  as well as morning announcements and flyers in the cafeteria

All of our Staff has been and received Child Nutrition training and Serv Safe Certified.

Thru our Public School Works we are able to offer other trainings online to our Staff.

The school nutrition Association of Ohio promotes healthful and nutrition education. SNA of Ohio members nourish the minds of Ohio’s students on a daily basis, providing them with fuel they need to learn in the classroom. As the leading authority on the school lunch in Ohio, the SNA of Ohio is committed to advancing good nutrition for all students. Child nutrition employees have the opportunity to attend meeting that are available to all staff & Trainings.

We have Chapters meeting and Networking in the area to help communicate with other districts in the area.

All school nutrition program directors, managers and staff meet or exceed hiring and annual continuing education/ training requirements in the USDA Professional Standards for child nutrition professional.

The School Districts have developed relationships with the community partners (i.e. hospitals, the City of Northwood and local businesses) in support of our Wellness in our Community.

  • ProMedica Hospital / Northwood Local School:

NUTRIEXITY Game-Promedica developed the NUTREXITY board game as a way to provide and promote kids grades 2-5 with a fun way to learn essentials of good health. The following provides what Pormedica is offering to our Northwood School District.

Focused on prevention, best for community or school setting

  • Board game for kids grades 2-5, developed by ProMedica
  • Includes messaging about healthy eating, physical activity ,sleep ,screen time and helping others in the community
  • Game Boards will be distribute to one of our Elementary Schools
  • At our Open house with parents this will be introduce to the 3rd grade students about the game board
  • To promote the game board a healthy snack will be provided for the students as healthy ProMedica prizes
  • Each 3rd grade classroom will receive a board game
  • The Board games will be left with the school for students to play on their own or with a teacher
  • Pro Medica will return one month after the initial assembly and again in two months after the open house to provide reinforcement activities. ProMedica will survey students and teachers on the school use and perception of the game as well as student knowledge before and after the introduction of the game.

 Cooking Matter at the Store tours (CMATS)

  • Focused on prevention , can be incorporated into community or school setting
  • Grocery store tour for low income families, led by a Registered Dietitian
  • Focused on parent education, may also be tailored for older students
  • Parents/families learn 4 key concepts:
    1. Buying fruits and vegetables on a $$budget
    2. Reading and comparing food labels
    3. Finding whole grain foods
    4. Comparing unit prices
  • Parents from the NES School and community site in the Bay Park service area will be recruited to attend the tours, with 2-3 tours offered for each location.
  • Recruitment will be completed through school parent groups and community organizations

Additional Dietitian Consultations

  • In addition to the two programs above, 40 hours of the dietitian’s time will also be allocated to spend time in the NES building for the following:
  • Dietitian consultations with school nurse and school staff to provide nutrition resources for students
  • Dietitian consultations with foodservice staff to provide education and help develop healthier student meal options

Advertising Campaign

  • 6-month on line advertising campaign targeting 43605-43616, and 43619 zip codes
  • Healthy messaging based on the messages in Nutrexity
  • Web banners and ads on Google & Facebook targeting parents. Advertisements would then link to ProMedica Health Connect articles, quizzes and tips regarding a healthy family lifestyle.

 Northwood Local School provides many opportunities for participation in student physical programs that promote a healthier lifestyle and wellness for all member in our community. Listed below are several examples of what our district does in this area:

Field Day at NES:

  • This is an activity day in which students are involved in soccer activities , track & other physical activities

Pumpkin Run at NES:

  • This is an end of October race involving pumpkins and rewards

Jump rope for hearts at NES:

  • Students do physical activity and then donate pledges to the American Heart Association.

American Red Cross Blood drive at NHS:

  • This is a school sponsored event in the community

Hoop Shoot at NES

  • This event takes place last day before Christmas break

Olympic Day at NES

  • This event is in May where children go outside and do obstacles courses and run and have physical challenges with other grade levels

Battle of the Classes at NHS

  • This event takes place in May where we have battle of the classes with physical activities between grades 9 thru 12th.

University of Toledo:

  • Our 7th & 8th graders head out to the university so they can have a fun physical day.

NHS Weight Lifting:

  • This is where we have students come in early in the mornings to do weight lifting and cardio exercise.

Open Gym at NHS

  • We have community open gyms to offer open gym basketball

Open weight lifting

  • Open weight lifting is offer early morning hours and end of the day. Students and staff utilize this time to get their exercise in before the bell rings or at the end of the day

Open Walkers

  • We have all of our building open at 6:00 a.m. so staff can do a morning walk thru

Track Walkers

  • We open our Field Track for staff and the community to utilize for walking or running

Volley for the Holly

  • This is an event  we give back to the charity donating canned goods and competing with the staff for Volley for Holly

Gold Rush

  • This event is flag football takes place during recess time with the NES Students

Runners Club

  • This begins the first part of the school year to be ready to enter a 5k race the day of thanksgiving  day early morning

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