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ESports is BACK at Northwood this year.  There are a few changes to the schedule and procedures for this year, so watch this space for information.  Check back often and watch for Schoology messages!  Fill out *this form* so I can properly hunt you down for forms and meeting times.

Also...we are working on a new eSports arena in the AAA building.  2 years ago we shared a room with the City of Northwood.  Now we will have our own space with gaming chairs, tables, gaming keyboards and's gonna be sweet (except the floor is sticky).

What are we playing this year?  Behold!    

  HS ( 9-12) 



 Tues  Overwatch   
Rocket League/
SuperSmash Bros

 Thurs  Practice   


Who can play?  Anybody grades 7-12 without a previous commitment who can commit to practice and the day they compete.  No experience necessary.  Come learn to play.

What's the catch?  Pass your classes.  Behave in and out of school.  Be professional to your team and opponents.  That's it.

What's this all about?  We want to contribute to the eSports movement, we want to give you chances at scholarships.  We want to play video games.  That's it.

How do I sign up?
  Forms are coming soon.  Get your parents permission!

I can't play this fall!
  We'll do it all over again in the spring.  See you then.