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Elementary School Staff 

High/Jr High School Staff

Mrs. Krontz - Elementary Principal

Mr. Johnson - HS Principal

Mrs. Petteys - Assistant Principal
Mrs. McDowell - School Psychologist

Mrs. Willey - Library Services
Mr. Donegan - JH/HS Science/Social Studies

Mr. Boos - 5th Grade
Mrs. Moses - HS English Language Arts

Mr. Heidebrink - Elementary Phys. Ed.
Mrs. Toflinski - HS English Language Arts

Mrs. Besgrove - 4th Grade
Mr. Myers - 7th/8th Grade English Language Arts

Mr. Chrysochoos - 5th Grade
Mrs. Berlekamp - HS English Language Arts

Mrs. Chrysochoos - 4th Grade
Mr. Dickey - HS Social Studies

Mrs. Anderson - 1st Grade
Mrs. Roloff

Mrs. Geerken - Gifted Instruction
Mrs. Elinski - HS Mathematics

Mrs. Reiter - 2nd Grade
Mrs. Fish 7th/8th Grade Science

Mrs. Calmes - Kindergarten
Mrs. Schmeltz - HS Social Science

Mrs. Canaday - Kindergarten
Mrs. Slater - HS Choir

Jana Duckett -1st Grade
Mr. Moore - HS Mathematics

Mrs. Linky - 1st Grade
Cordie Stone

6th Grade Teaching Team
Mrs. Geller - Jr High Intervention

Mrs.Susor - Kindergarten
Mr. Kohring - HS Science

Third Grade Teaching Team
Mrs. Metzger - Family/Consumer Sciences

Mrs. Warring - Intervention
Mr. Warring - HS Intervention

Mrs. Johnson's Team
Mrs. Wheeler - HS/Jr High Physical Education

Mrs. Sheets - 4th Grade
Mrs. James - Yearbook/Library Services

Mrs. Bettinger - Intervention
Mrs. Myers - Business/Finance

Mrs. Dunlap - Elementary Choir and Music
Mrs. Larson - Jr High Mathematics

Ms. Ackerman- Intervention
Mr. James - Intervention

Mrs. Hemming
Mrs. Eaton - HS Science

Ms. Burch - Preschool
Mr. Shirey - Band

Mrs. Johnson - Preschool
Mr. Shanek - Computer Science/td>

Mrs. Nice - 2nd Grade
Mr. Lewin - Jr High Social Studies

Mrs. Reutz - Intervention
Mrs. Warnke - Intervention

Mrs. Moyer - Intervention
Ms. Blausey - HS Mathematics

Mrs. Lord - Intervention

Ms. Diamond - Elementary Art

Mrs. Limon - 2nd Grade

Mrs. Boos - Intervention
Mrs. McKanna - 5th Grade      
Mrs. Eiden - Intervention