Are you interested in playing video games in competition against other students from other districts across Ohio?  Do you want to be part of the growing ESports movement in schools across the nation?  Do you want to be recognized for participation and apply for scholarship based on your game play?

We're looking for 6 to 12 players for Overwatch, 5 players for Super Smash Bros., 3 to 6 people for Rocket League and 5 to 10 players for League of Legends.

Who can play?  Anybody without a previous commitment who can commit to practice and the day they compete.  No experience necessary.  Come learn to play.

What's the catch?  Pass your classes.  Behave in and out of school.  Be professional to your team and opponents.  That's it.

What's this all about?  We want to contribute to the ESports movement, we want to give you chances at scholarships.  We want to play video games.  That's it.

How do I sign up?  Find the form to the left and fill it out.  Get your parents permission on Final Forms.

I can't play this fall!  We'll do it all over again in the spring.  See you then.

Northwood Schools Esports Program

Contingent on student interest, Northwood Schools will be partnering with Esports Ohio https://www.esportsohio.org and other Ohio schools to participate in online video game competitions. It is our hope that offering this outlet to interested students will enhance their lives, provide team building and online social skills and open up scholarship opportunities in this quickly growing phenomenon.

What are ESports?  ESports is a name given to sanctioned video game competitions at High School, College and Professional levels. Video games are widely popular worldwide, and games of skill and strategy have been played online between colleges like the Ohio State University and the University of Michigan for years. Even smaller colleges like Lourdes College have thrown their hat into the ring. Professional players gather online and in venues the world over to compete for prizes and bragging-rights.

Why at School? Simply put, adding this afterschool activity to our growing list of clubs and teams provides this outlet to our students. Like any other sport or club, if it’s of interest and benefit to our students we want to be involved. Besides team building and communication, ESports has eligibility requirements that are motivating students to be their best behaviorally, socially and academically. It has been reported that many students have increased success where ESports are offered.

Aren’t video games violent?  They can be. Certainly, not all are, and parents and students have to draw their own conclusions. Like any other published work, the content is entirely up to its creator. However, ESports has chosen popular and award-winning games that are rated T for Teen. While fighting is a component in these games, blood and gore, death or horror, sexual situations and other controversial elements do not exist in these games. The violence seen in Harry Potter or the Twilight trilogy outweighs what these games display. These are games played by teens across the globe.

The current list of games is: Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers, Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch, Psyonix’s Rocket League, and League of Legends by Riot Games. We encourage you to do your own before giving consent to your student.

Are these games online? Will our students need to communicate with others online they do not know?  Technically, yes, the games will be played online. However, all participants will be connected in their own “room” which will be moderated by at least 2 adult coaches, one from each school. Any other play will happen in a practice where players will participate locally, meaning only connected school computers will participate. There will be no unknown users or players outside of students from another school somewhere in the state of Ohio. True online exposure is nearly zero.

What is the cost? Does this cost the school anything?  Initially there will be a $20 cost if a game license needs to be purchased. This will provide the game and the account which will follow the student. If the student has an account, there will be no cost. At this time, there will be no other cost to the student. Students will play on donated equipment for the first year.

What’s the time commitment?  Currently most matches will be played Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after school from 3:30-4:30 with Thursday being a make-up/practice day. Students staying afterschool will be supervised by a coach and all foreseeable activity for the 2019-2020 year will happen on Northwood’s campus. Students will need a ride home before 5:00pm, Monday through Thursday.

Who can play?  Like participation in a sports team, there are rules. Eligible students will be 13, pass the necessary number of courses, carry themselves throughout the school year without major disciplinary issues and participate with respect to teammates and opponents while participating in competitions. Because competition will be formed in 6v6, 5v5 and 1v1 a commitment to their timeslot or day is crucial. Students may not be involved in other activities during their active “season” where conflicts will arise. We are forming official requirements now and they are subject to change.Depending on interest levels, some students may be chosen based on skill and teams may be formed via in house competitions. At this time, we could not possibly find space to allow all interested students a spot to play.