District Profile

Northwood Local Schools...

...serves the community of Northwood, Ohio in Wood County with an enrollment of approximately 1000 students. Northwood Elementary School serving grades PK-6 and Northwood High School serving grades 7-12 are both located in the new 21st century designed Northwood Schools at 600 Lemoyne Road Northwood, OH 43619

Our community and our school believe in educating the whole child and this is accomplished through the building of close relationships with our students and their families and working together to provide the opportunities necessary for our students to lead fulfilled lives.

Our school promotes and supports high achievement integrating world class technology, excellent curriculum, Gifted Education, Special Education, Fine Arts and Athletics.

Through access to outstanding college preparatory and general courses of study on our campus, post secondary opportunities through College Credit Plus and through our affiliation with the Penta Career Center, our students have every opportunity to be college and/or career ready or even well into their college experience upon graduation from Northwood High School.


Education is the means by which we are prepared to fulfill our roles as individuals and responsible members of society. It is through our educational experiences that we acquire the skills, knowledge, personal qualities, and personal values that allow us to become productive, satisfied people. In other words, it is through education that we gain the tools to achieve success.

It is the hope of all Northwood High School faculty and staff that all students graduate from Northwood High School equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to continue to grow and become successful. We recognize that this is a joint effort on the part of students, parents, teachers and the community at large. Our students' achievements are a reflection of the extent of this joint commitment.

It is the mission of Northwood High School to provide students a quality program which gives them the tools necessary to be productive in society and life-long learners. We do this in an atmosphere which works to foster individual creativity and knowledge while promoting social cooperation and teamwork. We strive to help students develop self-esteem, self-discipline, and self-motivation. It is within this framework that we present the following objectives of our program.


The student will:

  1. Acquire a mastery of communication, computational, and scientific skills.
  2. Demonstrate a range of thinking skills: comprehension, application, synthesis, and evaluation.
  3. Develop technological literacy.
  4. Develop an understanding of the global interdependence of all peoples and societies.
  5. Form an appreciation of the arts and humanities.
  6. Acquire knowledge of our political and economic systems.
  7. Develop habits and skills that promote physical health, mental health, and independent living.
  8. Develop a positive attitude toward themselves and others.
  9. Establish personal learning goals and work toward their achievement.
  10. Attain the knowledge of how to learn, as a life-long skill.


English4 credits (English 9, 10, 11, and 12)

Math4 credits (Including Algebra I/Geometry/Algebra II)

Social Studies3 credits

(must include 1 credit of American History and 1 credit of American Government)

Science3 credits

(must include 1 credit of Biological Science and 1 credit Physical Science to the Chemistry/Physics level)

Career Search1/2 credit (Class of 2017 only)

Health1/2 credit

Physical Education1/2 credit (or completed waiver – see page 33)

Information Technology/

Technology/ Fine Arts/ 1 credit or two ½ credits

Electives4½ credits (Class of 2017)

5 credits (Class of 2018 and beyond)

21 credits

Letter Grades have the following numerical equivalents:

A+ Excellent 98.5 - 100
A Excellent 94.5 - 98.4
A- Excellent 92.5 - 94.4
B+ Good 90.5 - 92.4
B Good 84.5 - 90.4
B- Good 82.5 - 84.4
C+ Average 80.5 - 82.4
C Average 71.5 - 80.4
C- Average 69.5 - 71.4
D+ Poor 67.5 - 69.4
D Poor 61.5 - 67.4
D- Poor 59.5 - 61.4
F Failing 0 .00 - 59.4

Grade point averages in non-Honors classes will be computed according to the following scale.

A+ 4.33
A 4.00
A- 3.67
B+ 3.33
B 3.00
B- 2.67
C+ 2.33
C 2.00
C- 1.67
D+ 1.33
D 1.00
D- 0.67
F 0.00

The following classes have been designated as Honors classes at Northwood High School:

- Honors Calculus 245/246

- Honors Pre-Calculus 243/244

- Honors Algebra II 235/236

- Honors Geometry 225/226

- Honors Algebra I 215/216

- Honors Advanced Chemistry 313/314

- Honors Senior English 153/154

- Honors Junior English 143/144

- Honors Sophomore English 133/134

- Honors Freshman English 123/124

Grades in these classes will be weighted as follows:

A+ 5.33
A 5.00
A- 4.67
B+ 4.33
B 4.00
B- 3.67
C+ 3.33
C 3.00
C- 2.67
D+ 2.33
D 2.00
D- 1.67
F .00

Northwood High School students may also attend Penta Career Center. For 50 years, Penta Career Center has provided career-technical training programs for high school students in the member school communities. Penta offers a focused, career-oriented education to prepare students for college, a career, the military, or wherever their paths may lead. In addition, students learn what is expected in the world of work.

Northwood Local Schools works in conjunction with the Wood County Educational Service Center and Children’s Resource Center to provide a continuum of services for the students in our district. In addition to our state of the art facility and quality academics offered on our campus, students have access to specialized programming, counseling services and online academics as well as needed. We are fortunate to have access to these programs to adequately individualize to our students needs.