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Facilities Plan Information

Northwood Local Schools has completed the process of working with the Ohio School Facilities Commission to create a Master Plan for School District Facilities.
The task was conducted through a community engagement process working to understand community needs and priorities as well as evaluating current facilities, analyzing costs and finalizing a master plan that addresses our district facility needs in a way that provides 21st century learning opportunities for our students and is efficient with community resources over the next 50 years. Upon completion of the work, the committee's recommended plan has been accepted by the Board of Education.
This area of the website is dedicated to providing information regarding the status of the plan for all who are interested .  

The Master Plan consists of our district partnering with the State of Ohio to construct a new PK-12 building that will serve all of our students in a single facility which is the most efficient way for a school district our size to operate.  The plan calls for the Olney Building, the Lark Building and the 1939 Building now known as Northwood Elementary School to be torn down. The Northwood High School Building would be partially torn down with the common spaces including the gymnasium and auditorium to be kept for continued community and student use.

The budget for the new  130,000 square foot school is $33,021,672. The state share of that budget is 11,557,585 and our local share is $21,464,087.

Visit the Facility Plan webpage for more important information about this opportunity for our community.