Healthy Tips from Your School Nurse
  • New Research has concluded that consuming a handful of raw walnuts along with meals high in saturated fat appears to limit the damage that the harmful fat does to the arteries. Try not to indulge often in high fat meals, but at the holidays it is more difficult to resist-so add those few walnuts to help minimize the damaging effects.


  • Age 10 to 18 years is when an individual makes the bone that must last a lifetime. To reach the maximum strongest bone density possible, plenty of exercise and calcium is needed. Bones are like a bank account-if you deposit lots of exercise and calcium now, when you are young, you will have strong bones for later life. Diet and cola’s have also been linked to bone loss-limit intake of soda to no more than one a day. Drink water.


  • Some good exercises for building strong & healthy bones: walking, jogging, stair climbing, hiking, dancing, cross country skiing and weight lifting.


  • Dermatologists are alarmed because of a frightening spike in skin cancer rates among the young. Easy access and a rise in the amount of teen girls who are using tanning salons year round may be contributing to this skin cancer increase. The incidence of melanoma, the most lethal form of skin cancer, has doubled in the U.S. since 1975 among females aged 15 to 29. “The World Health Organization estimated that up to 60,000 deaths worldwide are caused each year by excessive UV exposure and urged teens to steer clear of indoor tanning.” Excessive tanning doesn’t just cause skin cancer, but also premature aging (wrinkles) and cataracts. Use sunless tanning lotions instead.


  • Flossing your teeth daily prevents gum disease, which has been linked to causing heart disease. Please floss daily!


  • Eating too much and exercising too little can lead to becoming overweight and experiencing related health problems: like high blood pressure, insulin resistance, heart disease and depression. Get daily exercise-pick half an hour each day to go for a walk. Eat fast food less often-if you have to visit a fast food restaurant-pick healthier choices and no more than one item that is unhealthy. Don’t get a burger, fries and milkshake- 3 unhealthy choices. Choose a salad and milkshake if you crave something high in fat. Unhealthy choices should not be daily, just once in awhile.


  • There is a new vaccine available for young adult females to prevent cervical cancer. Next time you are at your doctor’s office or clinic, please ask them about this.
Last Modified on December 8, 2011