Northwood Local School District
Office of the Treasurer
Welcome to Northwood Local Schools Treasurer's web page.  My name is Angel Adamski and I am the Treasurer for Northwood Schools.  There are many important duties for a school treasurer.  Below is a short list to name a few.
  • Ensure that business practices comply with all Federal and State Laws
  • Make responsible investment decisions with Board funds in accordance with State law and Board Policy
  • Provide information on the financial condition of the district to the Board of Education and the community including the preparation of the Five Year Financial Forecast
  • Work with the county Auditor to ensure taxation of the community is in accordance of State law and voter approval
  • Report financial activities to the Ohio Department of Education to endure proper funding for the District
  • Manage the districts accounting ledgers
  • Certify contracts
  • Manage payroll processing, purchaing and Federal and State Grants
  • Manage both property insurance and employee benefit plans
I have received permission to share some documents from the Ohio Booster Summit for Booster and other support groups.  If interested in this information, please visit the other information section under the Treasurer's page.
Last Modified on May 19, 2014