The following procedures are applicable to all accidents, injuries and blood exposure incidents.  Adherence to these instructions will facilitate your care and return to work.  If you have any questions, call the Treasurer’s Office at (419)691-3888.

Step 1:  Your health is the first priority!  Don’t hesitate to seek professional care for a medical emergency.

A medical emergency is defined as: a) medical services required for the immediate diagnosis or treatment of a medical condition that if not immediately diagnosed or treated could lead to a serious physical or mental disability or death, or b) medical services that are immediately necessary to alleviate severe pain.

Step 2:     IMMEDIATELY submit an Employee Accident/Exposure Incident Report.

To submit an employee incident report, go to the district website (www., put your mouse cursor on Faculty & Staff Resources (below click on Health & Safety links), click on Report an Employee Accident link. Enter all information requested and follow the steps to submit your report.

For assistance, contact your immediate supervisor or the school nurse.  For further assistance, call the Treasurer’s Office at (419)691-3888.  The Employee Accident/Exposure Incident Report should be completed by the injured/affected employee, however, if necessary, another employee can complete the report with the assistance of the affected employee.



When obtaining medical care, the employee MUST TELL THE PHYSICIAN it is a work-related injury.


The first visit to any medical provider, whether an emergency or non-emergency, is covered for a work-related injury considered compensable by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.


After the first visit, if an employee obtains medical care for a work-related injury from a medical provider other than those noted below, workers’ compensation insurance may not cover the costs and the employee may have to pay for the services.  [ Include this section if you want to encourage employees to go to a specific medical provider: Employees are encouraged to go to ____________________________ which is convenient to our employees and specializes in work-related injuries, treatment and follow-up, including proper reporting, transitional work, physical therapy, and other occupational services.

1.       _____________________________

2.       Emergency Room

3.       Urgent Care facility

4.       BWC Certified Physician (BWC - Bureau of Workers’ Compensation)

To get the name of a BWC Certified Physician, call 1-800-OHIOBWC, Mon. - Fri., 7:30 AM to 5 PM.  If you are unsure who is a BWC Certified Physician, it is recommended you go to an Emergency Room or Urgent Care facility.    



If you are exposed to the body fluids of another person, the following documents must be given to the medical provider.  Items 1 & 2 are available to the employee from the district website.  Item 3 is available to the employee after submitting an online Employee Accident/Exposure Incident Report.  Items 4 & 5 are provided by others.

1.      A copy of the district Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan.

2.      A copy of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens regulations (29 CFR 1910.1030).

3.      A copy of the completed Employee Accident/Exposure Report.

4.      Results of the source individual's blood testing (if available).

5.      All medical records applicable to treatment of the employee, including vaccination status.

For additional information regarding the procedures associated with an exposure to the body fluids of another person, the employee should read the district Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan available on the district website.

Last Modified on January 20, 2012