Greg Clark
Superintendent's Message
As you are aware, our school is our community’s school.  As a public school, the resources required to turn out the next generation of educated citizens come from all of us. From the contributions of our parents to those of our neighbors, a community effort is what it takes to provide excellent educational opportunities for our young people.
In the past few weeks a couple of seemingly disparate events have clearly reminded me of this basic truth and just what a privilege it is to serve as Superintendent of Northwood’s School.  
The first was when I opened my mailbox and found the envelope that contained the bill for the second half of my property taxes for the year. When I opened it and looked at our family’s contribution to our school as well as the other publicly funded entities in our county, I recognized my good fortune to have a front row seat in knowing just how much those dollars benefit our students and our community.
The second was while I was enjoying my participation in the graduation ceremony of the NHS Class of 2015. Observing the pride on the faces of our graduates and their families and once again having a front row seat to just how much and how many people contribute to that culminating moment helped me to again appreciate what our community invests in our young people.
Thank you all for the part you play in advancing all of our future through your contributions to Northwood’s School.
Evidence of the contributions and the work that has been done to open a new school on our campus in the fall of 2017 will become apparent soon as the dirt begins to be moved to prepare the site for the building project.  The plan is to complete a new parking area for NHS students as well as temporary drop off driveways at Olney prior to school beginning again in August. Your patience with the added dust and need for flexibility during construction is much appreciated.
Enjoy your summer and as always, I welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.




Greg Clark
Northwood Local Schools
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Last Modified on July 8, 2015