Music Boosters
Music Boosters is open to all parents of the band and choir kids and meets once a month in the high school music room to discuss upcoming events, fundraising, concerts, etc for band and choir. Annette & Tracey lead the pack in an open discussion format.
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THANK YOU for supporting the Music Department. Our school board is very

supportive of what we do, but they can not fund all of our needs for our

students. We rely on our community supporters, like you, to help the

Music Boosters put our student's music experiences over the top. There's

so much to learn in experiences outside the normal classroom - help us to

bring that opportunity to our students today. The MUSIC BOOSTERS help

support and fund our choirs and bands in SO MANY WAYS. This is how you

can be a part of that outreach.

Last Modified on October 29, 2014